• Definition and creation of business plans
  • Financial reporting to board of directors (P/L reports, Cash Flow, Revenues, Balance Sheets, Income statements, Ratio analysis,…)
  • Contracts negotiation (Industry, Space, Defense)
  • Negotiation with investors and shareholders
  • Management of human resources
  • Definition and creation of strategy plans
  • Operational management (Line of balance technique, MRP, ERP, …)
  • Quality Assurance management
  • Creation of procedure handbook and quality handbook
  • Project flow analysis
  • Information flow analysis using Uniform Modelling Language
  • Organization and creation of a time registration system
  • Set-up of a scorecard for evaluation of Sales Managers
  • Establishment of an Integrated Logistic Support Plan
  • Usage of mind mapping technique
  • Basics of theory of constraints
  • Strategic Market Management
  • Creation of marketing plan
  • Establishment of project evaluation system
  • Set-up of a company scorecard


  • Master of Science in Physics Engineering, 1984, University of Ghent (Belgium),
  • Preparation and characterisation of magnetite micro-crystals as base material for magnetic fluids.


  • Master of Science in Photonics Engineering, 2015, University of Ghent (Belgium), Design of a Miniaturised Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder.


  • Creation of mathematical model for laser range finder performance.


  • Master of Science in Electronic System Design, 1998, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge-Oostende (Belgium) (Partial), Design of opto-electronic systems of the Protein Crystallisation Diagnostics Facility for the International Space Station.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Engineering, 2014-2018, Research topic: Dimensional exploration of the SI integer lattice. PhD supervisor: Prof. dr. ir. Jan Vierendeels, Ghent University, Department of Flow, Heat and Combustion Mechanics.

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